Sagas’ Timeline

Sagas of the Wild West will not alter major historical events or figures. However, some exceptions for minor events, dates when towns were established, etc., have been altered to suit the RPG’s premise and story. Those events and places will be added to this timeline as needed and will include notable in-game events that most, if not all, characters would have some knowledge of. The level of a character’s knowledge will, of course, depend on how long they have resided in the region, who they know, etc.

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August 1875

  • Early August: Old Satan, a massive Kodiak bear that escaped from a traveling circus years before has returned to terrorize the residents of Kalispell. Episode 3: The Bear.

July 1875

  • July 31 (Saturday): Founder’s Day Celebration and Fair.
  • Early July: Quentin Cantrell, Regina Thornton’s older brother, and Shade Thornton, Chance Thornton’s younger brother, arrive in Kalispell to take up residence at Lost Lake Ranch, the Thornton’s property.

June 1875

  • June 2, 1875: Chance Thornton and Regina Thornton, along with their two eldest children, Grant and Beth, were killed by marauders. They were returning from a trip to Missoula with three of their four children. The youngest, Cody, survived by hiding.

1800 to 1874


  • August 1: The town of Kalispell is officially established and opened for settlement.
  • January – July: With the increase in settlement in the area and Indian troubles on the rise, the United States government co-opted Fort Kalispell due to its prime location on a plateau above the rivers and proximity to Flathead Lake. The Army Corps of Engineers assisted with the establishment and construction of the nearby civilian settlement of Kalispell (approximately 5 miles north of Fort Kalispell).


Soon after the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 – 1806, European settlers began arriving in Montana. In the same timeframe, the fictional stockaded trading fort, Fort Kalispell, was established by fur traders and trappers. Soon after, Roman Catholic missionaries arrived and established the St. Francis by the River abbey which still houses the only Roman Catholic church in the region (for RPG purposes).

Prior to 1800


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